Friday, January 11, 2013


 So, as some of you may already be aware, my home state of Tasmania has been battling
a number of horrific bushfires over the last week as the temperature soared to records highs.
This is a picture I took last Friday night, an hour away from any of the fires, but still the sky
was ablaze with a bright red sun and hazy from smoke, and it stayed that way for days.

Now the skies are blue and clear, but hundreds of homes have been lost,
country towns all but wiped out, and many people and animals displaced.

My pal and fellow Tasmanian artist, Beth-Emily
, and I have created a special collaborative print
available to purchase now with all proceeds donated to the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfires Appeal.
"My Kindred Spirit" features the Tasmanian Orange-Bellied Parrot (illustrated by Beth) taking refuge in the trees with one of my floral ladies. 
Limited to an edition of 20 only, prints are $40 and available in both my etsy store and Beth's.
To purchase please click here:

As always every little bit helps, so please feel free to donate anything that you can here:
  RSPCA Tasmania is also taking donations here for injured pets and wildlife:


Medusa said...

Wow, this is beautiful! And so up my alley as I'm a girl who LOVES birds! And, I visited relatives in Tasmania for 3 weeks in late 2011. I'm in the U.S. though & this is very expensive for me, especially with the shipping.

Karen Middleton Illustration said...

I love your work Kelly, so just wanted to say "h" from a fellow illustrator in a very white and snowy UK!

Kelly said...

^ Thank you Karen! :)

E R I N said...

VERY COOL of you to do this..... well done ladies!! xxx

Justina Vera Maria said...

I love your illustrations. They're magic.

Sydney L. said...

hope everythings ok soon x

Nikki Mata said...

Your art is sooooo inspiring!!!

love this!!!

Nikki Mata

kristina teo said...

love your illustrations.... very cool...
would you like to follow each other?

Kati said...

This is such a beautiful illustration!

Have a great weekend,