Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm a little late in posting Miss Capricorn, so here she is, with Miss Aquarius!
The latest in my Girlstrology series for Girlfriend Magazine.
You can find these in the Jan and Feb issues, respectively.

I myself am an Aquarius and had my bday earlier this week, so a big
Happy Birthday to all of the Capricorns and Aqurius ladies out there
(and boys, though you may not appreciate these interpretations of your sign!)



Rebecca said...

Really beautiful; I just love the hair for the capricorn - so clever :) Happy belated birthday!

lorenabr said...


Kelly said...

Thanks ladies!

√člodie said...

So it's not too late to say happy birtday Kelly ! Great illustration as always !

Kelly said...

^ Thank you sweet Elodie x

E R I N said...

loving these! especially the pretty striped singlet :)