Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i DO

Photographs by Jonathan Wherrett

So, I got married!

I don't usually post a lot about my personal life on my blog or social media,
which is a decision I made a long time ago, because I love to keep my feeds
all about my work and inspirations, with the occasional peek at what I get up to behind
the scenes. But in the case of my recent wedding I thought I would break my own rule!
Granted, I have included mostly details of our stunning flowers
(by the exceptional Kristy McDowell AKA Mrs. Florist)
and decorations, but when so many talented people are involved in making it such
a beautiful day it seems a waste not to share!

I don't even know where to begin on a post like this, as any bride knows just HOW MUCH is
involved in the planning and execution of a wedding - and just how many people there are to thank.
If I tried to include it all we'd both be here all day.
So I wanted to focus mainly on the details, the beautiful elements that bring everything together.

Firstly, these gorgeous photos are by one of the most incredible photographers I know,
Jonathan Wherrett.  He not only has the sublime ability to used filtered light to absolute perfection,
but also a superb knowledge of SNL skits and can bust out a flawless
Barry Gibb Talk Show impersonation with a bride in a field at any given moment.
Snaps for Jonathan!

Our wedding day was blustery to say the least.
Huge gusts of wind kept us channeling our inner Beyoncé-in-front-of-her-wind-machine, raking fingers through hair, forever trying to flick it back to its original place.
In the end though, you just have to give up and accept that you're
going to be a wind-swept bridal party.
The thing is, something is always going to go wrong. You can never have total control.
For example;
I spent a few back-breaking days dip-dying linen napkins an amazing
fuschia colour, only to throw them in the washing machine and see them all
turn the same shade of sugary pink.
We bought board games for those who don't like to dance or drink
- but ran out of time to set them up.
I bought about 40 Moroccan tea glasses at the very beginning of the planning stages,
only to leave them sitting in a cupboard, completely forgotten.

But on the day you just don't care.
Because you're surrounded by your new husband, all of your friends, and your family.
And everything looks beautiful.

One of my favourite things was our wedding cake.
Those of you who have followed me for a while on instagram may have seen that I have
a bit of a collection of vintage Disney figures - Bambi and Co. I call them.
My husband's favourite Disney movie growing up was Robin Hood.
So how lucky were we to discover this beautiful figure on eBay!
'CAKE TOPPER!' we exclaimed.

Beautiful prints spouting loving sentiments were used as decor,
the 'Forever' print above by my friends at Blacklist,
along with streamers and gold floral decorations by Confetti System.
The 'LOVE' sign was from Flora Gondwana, as was the bird cage.

And then, of course, The Gown.
I feel like the gown can fill a blog post in itself.
I was so beyond lucky to work with the incomparable Jane Hill on my wedding dress,
an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Jane very sadly passed away last year, and I don't think there is a bride that worked with her
whose heart didn't break when they found out.

I was fortunate to work with her on a few collaborative projects in addition to my gown,
so I know just how passionate and creative she was behind the scenes
as well as in our more 'official' appointments.
When it came to my dress, she was pure genius.
I arrived armed with references I had collected along with millions of words I threw at her,
sitting excitedly on the pink-rugged floor of her Toorak studio -
'Blush! Tulle! Texture! Beading!'
- and she managed (with a giggle, some champagne, and a lot of enthusiasm)
to bring them all together into one perfect gown.
And I thank her from the bottom of my heart, along with the incredible team at Jane Hill Bridal;
Jen, for taking over my appointments and being so gorgeous and supportive,
and Sophie, for having the best hands in the business and bringing this little vision we had to life.
I don't have enough words to thank these beautiful women,
but hopefully the smile on my face above says it all!


Down This Road said...

just beautiful, kelly. x

Sheryl Young said...

oh my word, everything is just so perfectly chosen, what a beautiful wedding!! That cake topper is glorious!!

Sarah Williams said...

Absolutely beautiful xx

Ally Carey Unknown Pleasures said...

AH! You pretty thing. Such a happy post! X

Kelly said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. It was truly a beautiful, happy day xo

Sophie said...

This is wy too adorable. Too perfect.
And so romantic. All about love.
Yup, to me this sounds and looks like the perfect wedding. Lovers forever ;)
Congrats and thanks for sharing

Celeste said...

Completely blown away, so beautiful... Thank you for sharing! And CONGRATULATIONS! xox

Heike said...

My best wishes to you even though I am a bit late for congrats! You were a beautyful bride, the flowers and decoration were gorgeous! And Robin Hood and Marian, wonderful!
Normally I follow you for your illustrations, but that wedding special comes right at the moment for me (so no big deal, that I am late) as I will marry tomorrow! :D

I wish you all the best, all the love you want, need or can share ever,
Heike from far far away in Germany (this time fortunately all sunny, summery and warm, I am so happy about the weather)

My artwork is not at that level as yours and basically different, but well, I love your drawings for inspiration. :)